Sunday, September 1, 2013

Magic Triad

Our school has implemented Great Expectations school wide. If you don't know about Great Expectations read about it here :) The Magic Triad is one of the big components or practices.
The Magic Triad represents a caring environment. It builds a climate of mutual respect. {These are their words not ours, but we totally agree!} The parts of the triad are a smile, kind words and soft touches. We spent a day on each part of the triad and did a little activity with each. When we were finished I put all of it together to make our classroom triad and each student is represented. 
We also made a chart to help us remember what kind words sounded like and what soft touches looked like. 
The kids made Popsicle stick triads to take home and share with their families. If you teach older ones you could have them write words on them. 
We made a few activity sheets to help your kids think more about the triad. There are several to choose from-some with writing components and some without. You can choose what works best for the needs of your kiddos. Just click the picture to download :)
And a little thank you to Great Expectations. It's wonderful being in a school with building wide implementation. If you don't know about Great Expectations or want to do some more reading on it, visit their website! It's a wealth of information!

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