Friday, July 24, 2015

New Design

Hello friends! Welcome to our newly designed blog! We are so excited for a fresh look! We decided we were going all in on the tribal this year so here we are! Feel free to click around and check it out!

Like we said we're going tribal this year and we're in the middle of planning because we're just a mere 3 weeks away. EEK! 
So we made a few binder covers for you! We're going with lots of mint and coral decor this year so we used those for the binder covers too. 
Just click on the cover you like and download them!
And if you'd like, head on over to TPT and check out our new Tribal Decor set. It includes all kinds of goodies-name tags, word wall letters, table numbers, supply labels, etc. As much as we're not ready for summer to be over, we cannot wait to get all of these cute things in our room!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Fourth!

Hi friends!

We hope you had the happiest day celebrating America’s birthday! Here are a few pictures of our cuties enjoying the fun!
We celebrated with lots of family, food and fireworks!

This was the best we could do with the three of them. I have no idea what caught their attention. Anyway, we made these little printables for fun! You could use them as coloring sheets or place mats for table decor. There are two options, Click the picture to download.
Thank you to Melonheadz for the graphics!
What's your favorite way to celebrate the fourth of July?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine Bubbles {Freebie}

We were discussing different ideas for a cute Valentine for our kiddos. We ran across bubbles and here you have it! An adorable little card with a fun gift!
AND we made you two versions just for fun!
What is your vote? Tag or card?!
Don't stress, you don't have to decide. They are both here for your download!
And a piece of random info-I was at CVS picking up an antibiotic (holy ear and throat infections, Batman) and ran across these bubbles on the Valentine aisle. They were 2/$5 which means you can give to your whole class for only one Abraham Lincoln!! Woohoo! 
You can also pick them up at Hobby Lobby or the dollar store.
Just click the picture below to get the download ;) 
Happy Valentine's Day, loves! We hope you love and are loved well!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Let's talk about behavior! We all have kids that have bad days and we need to have parent contact. Do you call or e-mail or write notes? We do a little of each depending on the problem and student needs. We wanted to create a simple way to let parents know we needed to visit about our expectations and our choices during the day. This way parents can see what we are needing to work on and reinforce it at home. So if you'd like to try this out just click on the picture below to download it.
We just keep several copies on bright colored paper ready to go. That way it's easy to grab and fill out on days we need it. The bright colored paper helps alert parents when they see it in their child's folder! 
What tips do you have for talking to parents about their child's behavior?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bedtime Stories

We need to take a minute to brag on our librarian. We're not lying when we say she's crazy. And crazy in the best sort of librarian way. She's willing to do fun stuff, lots of fun crazy stuff to be sure our kids LOVE reading! She's loud, she's fun, she energetic and she's just plain GOOD at her job!
SO she created this bedtime stories event. The kids get to come to school late in the evening in their jammies and she reads them bedtime stories in the Library. Some of them bring blankets and pillows and their favorite stuffie. Some come with wet hair because they just had a bath. Can we get a hallelujah? KIDDING! She has a snack for them and we all have a blast. And they go home and write in their journals that it was the #bestdayever!! (True story, minus the hashtags)
Bedtime Stories Writing
So we wanted to get to share the excitement at school as a follow up and we decided these writing activities would be the perfect way for them to share all about it! We also created one that was not specific to the event so kiddos who didn't come could still share about their favorite bedtime stories. And you can click the picture above check out all that it includes! 

Don't you just love reading? What was your favorite bedtime story as a kid?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet the Teacher Gift {FREEBIE}

Summer is over and we're off to a busy school year! Tonight was our Meet the Teacher night! We had lots of smiling faces to see and we wanted them to leave with a little gift. So we created our bright tags to go with our chalkboard theme!
We attached a little glow bracelet to each tag for a simple and fun gift! Wal-mart has the bracelets 5 for $1! So it cost us less than $5 for a simple little welcome gift ;)
And you can download these cuties tags HERE! There are a few variations of the tag so you can choose the size you need! It'd also be real cute to attach to a pair of sunglasses ;)
Now it's off to bed! These 12 hour days can wear a teacher out! Goodnight!

Monday, July 28, 2014

It All Started With ABC

Um hello again? Is anyone there? Can you believe it's almost that time again? We feel like our minds are spinning a hundred miles a minute with ideas for a new year. But we're trying to finish out summer and enjoy our babies as much as we can before it's back in full swing. 
So we've been slowly but surely been working on some things and here is our first new product for the new year!
It's all about those ABC's!
We wanted to create a product that would provide consistency for every letter of the alphabet for centers. With these activities the kiddos will always know what to do just the letter will change ;)
Don't you love that?! It's such a great way to build independence!
We also included a few of these Stamp It! pages, but also thought we'd throw them out as a freebie ;) Just click the picture to download them! And then head over to our Facebook page for a chance to win this unit!