Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet the Teacher Gift {FREEBIE}

Summer is over and we're off to a busy school year! Tonight was our Meet the Teacher night! We had lots of smiling faces to see and we wanted them to leave with a little gift. So we created our bright tags to go with our chalkboard theme!
We attached a little glow bracelet to each tag for a simple and fun gift! Wal-mart has the bracelets 5 for $1! So it cost us less than $5 for a simple little welcome gift ;)
And you can download these cuties tags HERE! There are a few variations of the tag so you can choose the size you need! It'd also be real cute to attach to a pair of sunglasses ;)
Now it's off to bed! These 12 hour days can wear a teacher out! Goodnight!

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