Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine Bubbles {Freebie}

We were discussing different ideas for a cute Valentine for our kiddos. We ran across bubbles and here you have it! An adorable little card with a fun gift!
AND we made you two versions just for fun!
What is your vote? Tag or card?!
Don't stress, you don't have to decide. They are both here for your download!
And a piece of random info-I was at CVS picking up an antibiotic (holy ear and throat infections, Batman) and ran across these bubbles on the Valentine aisle. They were 2/$5 which means you can give to your whole class for only one Abraham Lincoln!! Woohoo! 
You can also pick them up at Hobby Lobby or the dollar store.
Just click the picture below to get the download ;) 
Happy Valentine's Day, loves! We hope you love and are loved well!

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