Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weather and Worms

It’s Amber! We are full swing into our weather week, but I don’t feel like we’ve gotten much accomplished! It’s been crazy busy!

Tuesday was conference day and today we had an unexpected fire alarm set off, “Worms to the Wise” presentation, and STOMP came to perform! Holy cow! How can you get anything done with days like that? (I’m not complaining, it’s just flat wild on days like these). Especially when it’s early release too! Whew! Tomorrow is picture day and Library. I’m hoping we get a little further into weather than we have so far this week.

photo (19)photo (18)

We did learn about the water cycle and did a little paper plate drawing to show it. I just love when you give them instructions and see what they create. SO stinkin’ adorable!

photo (21)

Worms to the wise is a program through OSU Master Gardeners. They come twice a year to our school-once to teach about seeds and another time to teach about worms. The kids LOVE getting to play with real worms. We rushed out to lunch right after the program and didn’t get to talk about it much. So I typed up this little sheet to review what we learned!


Anyone else having a CRAZY week?!

Be on the look out our “Lucky” St. Patty’s day unit is coming tomorrow!!



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