Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nonfiction Writing

Amber here! With the new Common Core standards we are all feeling a big writing push! I was really not quite sure how to do it in a way that was developmentally appropriate for five and sixes. I LOVED Deanna Jump's post here! It really was an eye opener and made SO much sense! So with that in mind I made some activities to use for responding to nonfiction literature.
 It is SO important that they don't just hear it, but that they use it too!
We are studying weather this week so we will read nonfiction books about wind, clouds, rain, and sun. I made a response for meteorologist and one for clouds. My kiddos LOVE writing together on the carpet! And it's so good for them and they don't even know it ;).
You can download them by clicking on the pictures below. It will take you to our new Teachers Pay Teachers store!  While you're there be sure to check out the Rainy Day Centers! It's going to be a fun and busy week!


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