Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Apple for the Teacher

Ok, I apologize for our LONG absence!


I found out about this since our last post and so I’ve been a little distracted. As for my sister, I have no excuses for her, she’s just busy!

But we’re back and ready to post away! So here is a little idea I came up with for Meet the Teacher & Parent Night!


I always try to have out a wish list at parent events because they always want to know how they can help! (I am fortunate to be at a school where parents are overly generous and that’s a blessing). When I inherited got to my classroom there were bags and bags of these apples and I just wasn’t sure what to do with them besides hang them on a Christmas tree (since they are ornaments and all).


So it occurred to me that I should put my Christmas tree to use for a parent wish list! I just used small labels (60 to a sheet) and typed out things we could use for our classroom that are not on our supply list. I let parents take the apples from the tree and because I have a billion several dozen of them I didn’t care if they send them home, broke them, etc.


I just added a little note at the top to explain, plugged in the tree and the wish list was complete! It’s super easy and I just moved it to my closet after Parent Night and will bring it back out at conferences.


Does anyone else have a cute way they display their wish list?

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