Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meet the Teacher Monday

Okay well it's Tuesday! Sorry we just can't keep up! We had Meet the Teacher at our school tonight so I thought I'd share a little about us!
1. We teach across the hall from each other. This is our first year to teach together! But I (Amber) am super excited about it!

2. Erin is the older sister and Amber is younger. We're 12 months and 13 days apart :)
{our siblings included because apparently we need to take more pictures together}

3. Erin is starting her 7th year of teaching and Amber her 6th!

4. We teach in the same town we graduated high school from.

5. We love crafts! Erin is super good at the crafty stuff! She mad this cute kitchen for a friend!

6. Between us we have 3 kids three and under-Hudson, Hayden & Harper. 
{And no the H thing wasn't planned}

7. We're addicted to sweet tea and Chick fil A!

8. We have lots of favorite TV shows but some are anything HGTV, Big Brother, and Duck Dynasty!

9. We love photography and taking pictures!

10. We do have a lot of differences too, but just chose to stick with the similarities!

Maybe tomorrow we will get the classroom tours posted on Blog Hoppin'! Sorry we're living a day behind, but isn't that typical August?! At least Erin has an excuse {a two week old}. Amber, well she's just behind!

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