Saturday, August 10, 2013

Student Info & Safety

Let's talk about safety! It's super important to have contact info for families if you were on a field trip or outside of the classroom for an emergency. Do you have a way to contact their parents if you were outside the school and needed to? It's especially important for our little K kiddos who don't always know their phone number or address!

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At our school we have a cinch backpack like this with our school logo on it that hangs by our door. We take these on fire drills, field trips, or use in any emergency situation (which we pray we never have to use it for that reason). Inside we keep a first aide kit and several other necessities. But most importantly we have student info so it's with us at all times. This year we updated that document a little bit so we thought we'd pass it on! We copied it onto bright yellow paper and handed it out to our K littles on Friday! They will bring it back filled out and we will have them in our pack and ready to go. 
Of course you could always put it on a ring and keep it for access to parent contact information near your desk too! 
Feel free to download and share {just click the picture}! We'd love if you'd follow the blog after you download!

How do you organize student information? Especially to have it prepared for an emergency or field trip, etc. 

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