Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 {Fitness}

Well what can I say? It's been awhile since either of us have worn our tennis shoes for anything other than jean Friday. 2013 has been a lot of adjusting to having 2 kids {and that is some kind of fitness of it's own}, but it's time to get movin' again. My previous town had a small lake with a walking trail around it {just a few miles} and my best friend and I use to walk it every other day or so. It was always so good for my soul. So I guess my fitness resolution is to just be active. Hit the gym, a walking trail, do some exercises in my living room, whatever it takes to stay moving!
This is my husband and I a few years ago when we ran the OKC Marathon Relay. It was an incredible experience, something I want to do again! 
What about you? Do you have any great fitness tips and tricks for staying active?

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