Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Linky {Crafting & Creating}

We are definitely crafters! We love a good project, you can walk into either of our homes and find several DIY (aka Pinterest) projects.
Here is what Amber has planned {straight from Pinterest of course, because where else do you get GREAT ideas?}:
Every couple of months I make a new front door wreath, I'm thinking next time I'll go more nontraditional with a cute burlap letter like this.
I make a big deal of the boys' parties and create all kinds of decor. I may or may not attempt a fun cake. And if all else fails Erin will come to my rescue ;) 
I've been dying for some new curtains, I want to attempt to paint my own stripes. I've just got to decide on a color!
Also I painted a chalkboard above my fireplace and I've got to learn how to do cute writing on it. I don't think I have enough patience for it. So I'm praying for patience and new handwriting. Ha! Kidding, I just hope to keep working on it and figure out how to do something cute with it like all those fancy ones on Pinterest.

What are your great crafing ideas? For more of ours check out our Pinterest boards! {Amber & Erin

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